Arcanite Pictures

By the Lake is an ongoing project that focuses on people and places along the waterfront in Toronto. Life flourishes in this tiny sliver of public space sandwiched between Lake Ontario and the Gardiner Expressway. The highway pulses with a steady stream of cars in contrast to the waves gently lapping against the shoreline, while people carve out their own spaces between these ever-present forces. At times, this area feels like a respite from the city, while in other moments it’s a bustling ecosystem of lakeside activity. I initially began photographing this area in 2020 during the pandemic, as I live nearby and regularly walk these routes. It was only in 2022 that I started approaching people to chat and potentially make a photograph together. I’m fascinated by this complex relationship between nature and the urban landscape, how people use this space, and how these dynamics can be represented in a photograph. I also just love spending time here.

Tommy Keith / @t0mmykeith

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