Arcanite Pictures

"The Community" 

This exhibition is comprised of 30 images from 30 emerging photographic artists. Together, the images chosen from the invited artists describe a community, a collective pairing of shared eyes on an intimate world, one vibrant, delicate, and ghostly. These photographs were paired together to reveal the parallel gaze between each other, revealing and observing with mutual reverence. 

Untitled, 2022. Austin Quintana

Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, 2022. Evan Perkins

Makiki Cemetary, 2021. Christian Navarro

Untitled, 2016. Christopher F. Valentine

Mom's Desk, 2021. Ben Chant

Sawan and Friends, Rochester, NY, 2022. Ian Edward White

Lenny (Portrait in Blue and Green), 2016. Jake Reinhart

Prison Wall, 2019. Joe Librandi-Cowan

Frank, 2022. Harrison Whitford

Untitled, 2022. Gilbert Terrazas 

Delia in Nashville, 2017. Lila Barth

Liz at Home, 2020. Fiona Veronique

Untitled, from the 2015 project "Plain Sight." Paloma Dooley

Untitled, 2022. Hazel Dunning

Chicken, 2022. Pat Garcia Jr.

Oahu, 2014. Phil Jung

Maids of the Mist, 2024. Rosemary Haynes

Oklahoma City, October 2022. Alice Flannery Fall

Dog and Church, 2022. Rosie Brock

Omen, 2022. Ryan Frigillana

Vivian, 2022. Kylie Maxfield

Wrestlemania, 2015. Taylor Galloway

Untitled, 2021. Stan Sussina

Untitled, 2020. Sebastian Siadecki

E Behind the Gazebo, 2022. June T Sanders

Colibiri, 2021 (from the ongoing project "Threadsuns"). Keegan Holden

Garland Cow, August 2021. Stephen Ross Goldstein

Self Portrait in Bishop, 2021. Michele Mobley

John, Plaid Chair, 2019. Kevin Williamson

Three Graves of Charlie Silver, 2021. Zac Wilson

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