Arcanite Pictures

By the Time the Sky Turns Red is a body of work I put together with the intention of reconnecting with the act of making a picture. I began it in response to significant shifts in my feelings towards photography, including questioning how or if I should ever approach art again.

A time came when I rejected the camera entirely and only shot on my phone and didn't look at the pictures. I just made pictures to scratch an itch, but was too afraid to even really look at them. Eventually, something hit me when I was staring at a glowing red sunset — and I instinctually had my phone up to take a picture of it. I had been grappling with the impulse to make a picture, and realized I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. I want to live in the moment and not long for the moment when the sky would turn red again. That realization resulted in capturing anything, everything, all the time. These are some of the pictures that made me feel the way that red sky made me feel. 

Devin Fitchwell


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