Arcanite Pictures

Emma calls what I do "making pictures of tangles."
And, to an extent, that's true. I love a good mess.
I like when a photograph feels stuffed with things to look at.
But I have a harder time naming precisely what it is I do.
Obviously, "photography" is the short answer, but when asked to explain what or why I photograph
I find myself unable to respond succinctly.

Photographers often complain about being bad with words, but in theory I shouldn't have this problem.
I was, for a short time, a poet. I would write little musings in an iPhone note, mostly observations and romantic thoughts,
and when it was all read together as a poem I thought it sounded really nice.
So too with my photographs; daily notations that hopefully add up to say something meaningful about the themes photography explores best:
the shapes of things,
the passing of time,
and (most importantly) love.

- Bill Ellis
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