Arcanite Pictures

"I have trouble speaking of why I make photographs or what they are about, Its a common remark amongst photographers. Maybe the reason for photographs cannot be accurately articulated with words at all and that is why the photographs and photographers exist, I’m not sure and I’m happy not to know.

The last thing Phillip Perkis wrote in his assembled teaching notes was “I send a prayer of gratitude for the experience of standing in awe at the sight of birds flying past a bare tree against a winter sky”

There is something in this that gets pretty close for me. I want to be closer and more sensitive to life and its mysteries, close to the way we all start out, humble enough to know there is no idea, nothing that I can conceive of that is more awe inspiring and incredible than what is just there if I’m able to let go and see it."

@ben.r.brink Ben Brink

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